Austin Police Department’s Operation Blue Santa


I began doing volunteer programming with Blue Santa in November of 2000.  At the time, the front end was in one MSAccess database, and the back end was in another.  The Blue Santa people would RDP in to enter applicant info, etc.  The amount of work I did was very little each year; modify existing reports, or develop new ones, add a field here and there, and any other changes the APD data entry staff needed.  I also made suggestions on changes that I thought could help them be more efficient, and have a better user experience.

More to do to update the story….


Wrote a program in visual basic to answer the phone, play various wave files, accept application numbers via touch tone, look up the sponsorship status on that application, and play back a wave file to inform the applicant accordingly.

Wrote a web system where people who want to sponsor a family can register themselves, and browse the applicant info to select a family or families to sponsor.  Also wrote an administration side where the applicants could be assigned to the sponsor by Blue Santa workers.