Menus for the sighted

The following Austin restaurants have their menus in either PDF form, or jpeg images:

Blue Dahlia Bistro
Cannoli Joe’s
The County Line
Jack Allen’s Kitchen
La Sombra Austin
Matt’s El Rancho
Moonshine Grill
Nuevo Leon in Austin
Opal Devine’s
Phil’s Ice House
Pizza Paradise
Quality Seafood
Taco Deli

How convenient!  We can download them, print them, and even color them to our heart’s content.  None of those plain text menus for me; they’re too dull!

Also, except for the “latest scoop”, which is a blog, Amy’s Ice Cream‘s web site is done entirely in Flash, and it’s so colorful, too!  Who woulda thunk it?

Let’s get serious.  Amy’s site is so sweet, it’s sickening (no pun intended), and as for the others, well, they are probably just uneducated about web accessibility.

There are a lot of web developers here in Austin who not only know about web accessibility, but also demonstrate it on every web site they create, so let’s inundate them with offers to “bring their web sites into the 21st century“.  Charge money, of course, and I hope they pay you very well.

Even with the PDF menu, still, I might go to Phil’s Ice House, since Google tells me it’s 0.4 miles from here, and that I can get there in 35 seconds.  If I do, you can betcha I’ll be mentioning the web site.

OK, so who should I check out next?  I’m retired.  I’ve got time. 


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