How many other stupid laws are there?

My son tried to get his car inspected on Saturday, but it failed because he had a crack in the clear outside part of his headlight.  He and I were going to get a new one this morning so he could then pass inspection.

My son got pulled over last night because of the crack in the headlight, then the officer noted that his inspection sticker was expired, too.  My son had the receipt showing that he had attempted to get it inspected, but it had failed.  You have 15 days to get the problems corrected.  So far, so good.

My son had also just gotten his license unsuspended three days ago, and had all the paperwork with him to prove it, along with proof of insurance, and SR22, the officer ignored that, because it didn’t show up in THEIR records,and arrested him for “driving with an invalid license”. 

He was then searched, and the officer found that my son was carrying a depakote in his pocket, which was legally prescribed to him by a doctor.  He was then charged with “posession of a dangerous drug”.

Federal law makes it a felony to carry prescription medication in anything but the original container.  My medications are all supposed to be kept at “room temperature”.  The temperature here in Texas (and everywhere else) gets above and below “room temperature” often.

 So, to be legal, I’m supposed to carry all of this wherever I go:

My Medications
My Medications

Different states handle this law in different ways.

Let’s get this one repealed.



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