How many licks does it take to order Doobie Brothers tickets?

How much are tickets to see the Doobie Brothers in Dallas this summer?  Here’s what you have to do to find out.  Go to their home page:

Of course you would click on “Tour”

Scroll down to 7/21/2012 and click on Gexa Energy Pavilion, and whether you wanted it or not, you get a new window:

Click on Buy Tickets:

Click on Gexa Energy Pavilion:

Oh, now here’s one of those javascript/css popups.  Would you like to participipate in our useless survey?”:

Which you have to answer before you can go forward.  NO THANKS!

Scroll down till you find July 21st.  Oops, it’s not on page one, or even page two.  On to page 3, we see it.  Click on “Find Tickets”:

We now get to tell it that we want more than ZERO tickets.  The up/down buttons don’t do what you would think they would do, but at least we can now see that the tickets are $20., but let’s go forward.  Click on “Find Tickets” button (one more time):

Oh, they’re not sure if we’re a real human being or not, so we have to put up with the dreaded CAPTCHA:

Now we have a flash object that spins and spins, and finally, I get this:


I think I’ll just try to order over the phone.



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