I'm not going to type all that stuff in here. Look for me on linked-in.

I'm not going to type all that stuff in here. Look for me on linked-in.

Date palindromes

“This one goes up to eleven.”  Spinal Tap


and a few days ago, we had 11/02/2011


@cookiecrook pointed out (at 11:11:11 PM CST) that I had missed 11/11/11 11:11:11 AM two hours ago, whereas it had just happened to him.

Don’t forget, since even a broken clock is right twice a day, there’s 11/11/11 11:11:11 PM later tonight.

Today has never happened before.

That is all.  We now return you to our regularly scheduled broadcast.



For those of you out there who missed out on this wonderful conference, or missed the slideshow links, here are the ones that I’ve found so far (if you have the URL for one that I’ve missed, please let me know):

Jones Auditorium

The Possibilities of Display Box and WebKit Animation (Clay Benson)

Modernizr, YepNope, and Pollyfills (Alex Sexton)

HTML5 Video (Mike Wilcox)

Fun and Games with CSS3 (Chris Ruppel)

HTML Motion Design with Adobe Edge (Mark Anders)

HTML5 JavaScript On Crack (Kyle Simpson)

Writing Less Code with CSS3 (Garann Means)

Maybee Ballroom

The HTML DOM 5 Interface (Mike Taylor)

CSS Selectors – the Next Generation (Jake Smith)

HTML5 Geolocation for People Who Don’t Love to Code (Christomer Schmidt)

The Responsive Web – Programming for the Users (9MB pdf of the slides) (Matthew Carver)

The HTML5 Design Smackdown (Brandon Satrom)

Doing More with LESS for CSS3 (Todd Anglin)

HTML5: Web Forms 2.0 (Estelle Weyl)

Other interesting web sites to visit

Net Ingenuity
CSS Selectors & Browser Support